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Personalized Lessons for Math, English, and More

I am a tutor inđź“ŤLafayette, California who offers personalized lessons for math, English, and more.

My belief is that students learn best when taught by someone who is thoughtful, who cares about the subject matter, and who has time to pay attention to them.

Right now I do most of my tutoring within the Lamorinda area. If you live outside of Lamorinda and would like to purchase tutoring, please contact me by phone or email. Otherwise you can book a session by clicking here.

Phone: (925) 322-9343


I currently offer tutoring for the following subjects:

– Pre-algebra

– Algebra I and II

– Trigonometry

– Precalculus

– Calculus

– Statistics

– Biology

– High school and middle school English

– English lit

– Essay writing

If you are interested in buying tutoring for a subject that is not on the above list, feel free to send me an email about it ( – I will let you know if I am able to offer tutoring for the subject in question.

“Matthew tutored me for Calculus when I was in college. Math is not my strong suit and does not come easy to me but Matthew was calm patient and thorough. He was always prepared with my class material and was able to present it in a way so it would stick. I ended up getting an A in the class and credit my success to his help.” – Chris Anderson

2023 Pricing

My introductory rate is $80 per hour for personalized one-on-one tutoring.

My Tutoring Approach

As mentioned above, I am a tutor in Lafayette who offers personalized lessons. My belief is that students learn best when taught by someone who is thoughtful, who cares about the subject matter, and who has time to pay attention to them.

I work hard to prepare lessons that I think my students will find edifying and enjoyable. After all, learning ought to be exciting! One of the great benefits of one-on-one tutoring is that I am fully there for each student: unlike in a classroom or tutoring pod, you don’t have to worry about somebody getting increasingly lost and confused as the lesson continues. If a student is uncertain about something they’re taught, I can find that out immediately and work out a solution that fits them as an individual. You won’t need to worry about an initial difficulty becoming a long-term impediment to learning.

Still, great tutoring consists of something more than just eliminating the impediments. It aims at making the material come to life in a way that rarely happens in a crowded classroom or Zoom room. Whenever possible, I like my lessons to give a flavor of the larger body of knowledge that a topic is connected with. My goal is to leave my students with the sense that each piece of this fascinating knowledge can become accessible to them with a bit of effort, no matter how difficult it may look at first glance.

The reason that I am a committed tutor is that I want my students to reach an advanced level, and I care about whether they are on a path towards this. Why do I care about my students reaching an advanced level in math and English? Sure, it will help them get better grades, go to a better college, and prepare for a successful future career. But it’s also my belief that mathematical thinking and precise language are able to enrich the way we experience the world. That’s why I feel at a deep level the importance of the material I teach.

A Little Bit About My Background

I have a degree in Cognitive Science from McGill University in Montreal. In addition to providing private math and English tutoring, I currently work as a math teacher at Tilden Preparatory School in Walnut Creek, a private school that offers one-to-one teaching for students. In the past I have been employed at learning centers for Lindamood-Bell and Kumon, where I helped students master new skills and gain confidence in their abilities.